Aqualung Wave Overshortie Man 5.5 Mm Black 2XL

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Aqualung Wave Overshortie Man 5.5 Mm Black 2xl
The Wave modular wetsuitsystem provides versatile options that are durable and comfortable.The modular system addresses wetsuit needs for a variety of watertemperatures—from 13° to 25°C (55°F -77°F). For colder waters, there is anadd-on step-in jacket and an optional hood or the 6mm jumpsuit with hoodattached and front zipper. For warmer water, the reversible shorty offers theright solution. Thanks to the high-density neoprene, the size markings insideand outside (one color per size), and the white personal identification field towrite the number of the suit along the zipper, the Wave collection providesthe perfect solution for intensive use.Features:- 5,5mm high density neoprene (petroleum free)- Durable thanks to the double-glued, twothread blind-stitched seams- All seam junctions are sealed by a small patch to offer superior warmth, comfort and durability Ergonomically designed hood provides a great fit- Can be use as extra protection over a wetsuit or as a shorty for warm water dives- Durable plastic zipper
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Manufacturer: Aqualung

Aqualung Wave Overshortie Man 5.5 Mm Black 2XL:
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