C4 Sideral Apnea Woman 3.5 Mm Black 1

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C4 Sideral Apnea Woman 3.5 Mm Black 1
SIDERAL SINGLE PIECE.Single piece wetsuits in 2mm and 3.5mm neoprene available in five sizes.Sideral have been designed with a minimum number of panels so as to reduce the sewing and therefore increasing their comfort and elasticity.The inner lining is extremely elastic and the wetsuit is glued externally and sewn internally.The sleeves feature several bar tacking sewings so that they can be cut a desired length.Wetsuits specifically designed for freediving made with glide skin neoprene on the outside and elastic single lined neoprene lining on the inside.The neoprene rubber is certified for the absence of any chemical materials which can damage the environment or human health such as phthalates and latex.It also features great resistance to compression and an excellent elastic return.Sleeves can be cut at the desired length.Velcro closure on the neck.Elastic inner lining.Ergonomic tailored cut.carbon effect printed.
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Manufacturer: C4

C4 Sideral Apnea Woman 3.5 Mm Black 1:
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