C4 Zero Plus Socks 5 Mm Black EU 36-37

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C4 Zero Plus Socks 5 Mm Black Eu 36-37
ZERO PLUS NEOPRENE SOCKS.The anatomy and fashion of the ZERO PLUS neoprene socks are the same of the ZERO model.Compared to the ZERO, however the materials used are different.The ZERO PLUS is in fact mainly made of single-lined neoprene, smooth externally and with a super elastic lining inside, without the presence of seams.The use of these materials makes these neoprene socks extremely elastic and with a high thermal capacity.The lining used for the front part of the fingers, the sole and the heel is reinforced and anti-abrasion.The anatomy is differentiated between the right and left foot.Available only in 5mm thickness and six sizes, from size XS to XL.LEFT / RIGHT.POWER-GRIP ON THE HEEL WITH NO SEWING.ANTI-CUT AND ABRASION PROOF PANEL.
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Manufacturer: C4

C4 Zero Plus Socks 5 Mm Black EU 36-37:
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