Cressi Drylastic Suit Black 2XL

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Cressi Drylastic Suit Black 2xl
Underwear suit with diaphragm fabric that maintains the body dry and warm, throwing away the humidity to the outside. Plush inside with square pattern and Lycra exterior.Features:- Pocket with Velcro.- Necklined neck with finishes through rounded hems for a maximum comfort.- Especially fitted pattern to avoid folding and air balls and wrinkles with the suit inserted and dry.- YKK 5 Pitch 100% resistant to salt water and humidity. Double cursor that allows urinating without disassembling the suit.- Plush interior with squared plot. Soft and thermal.- Exterior fabric of elastic Lycra and sliding to facilitate the placement of the suit.- Tension straps on wrists and ankles.- Weight: 260 gr / m2.
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Manufacturer: Cressi

Cressi Drylastic Suit Black 2XL:
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