Cressi Evo Big Eyes Alpha Ultra Dry Set Black

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Cressi Evo Big Eyes Alpha Ultra Dry Set Black
A daring high range set that combine the EVO BIG EYES and ALPHA ULTRA DRY models presented in kit format with reusable nylon bag. It's an option for advanced snorkeling or diving, and has a very beneficial price regarding the shopping of both elements separately. Evo Big Eyes Mask   It's a limit design exercise that improves the optimal visibility in all directions of Matrix and reduces weight and intern volume of parameters of much little masks (160 g and 115 cm3). Exceptionally reduced frame structure that allows a great approach to the glasses without contact problems with the frame. So, the intern volume is reduced to the minimum and all frame vision is eliminated from the inside. 15º inclined and extended glasses over the cheeks (Big Eyes system) increase the inferior visibility more than 30% regarding the one of a traditional mask, while the superior and side visibility are increased to the limit that allows the frame's thickness: total vision -3% in superior visibility and total vision -5% in side visibility. Particularly studied structural rigidity of the central bridge to avoid losing the plane of the glasses due to an excess of tension of the strap that could cause optical distortions. The exterior part of the skirt in contact with the face and the part that recovers the nose have decreasing thickness that improves adaptation and maintains the comfort during long usage hours. Completely pivoting tilting belts in all directions joined to the frame through flexible and unbreakable elastomer. The strap's tension acts directly over the frame, maintaining the mask's stability and approaching to the maximum the glass to the eyes. Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel With unparalleled terminal on the superior part that has a special valve with 100% anti-splash buoying system that closes the tube on the moment that it's underwater avoiding water entrance. The inferior part has a plain silicone interior corrugated tube that maintains the nozzle always well-positioned and it doesn't interfere with the regulator when it's placed in the mouth. The silicone nozzle is extraordinarily anatomic. A special valve with elliptical emptying diaphragm facilitates the water removal with the minimum effort. The tube is completely flexible and also anti-breaks. Double-component closing to obtain really agile insertion / disinsertion.  
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Manufacturer: Cressi

Cressi Evo Big Eyes Alpha Ultra Dry Set Black:
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