Cressi Free Apnea Woman 3.5 Mm Grey L

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Cressi Free Apnea Woman 3.5 Mm Grey L
High range wetsuit that incorporates a great variety of solutions.Medium density neoprene to limit the variation of buoyancy during the descent. Plain exterior with Glide Skin© sheet for optimal hydrodynamics, resistance and quick-dry. Interior Ultratretch©, soft and extremely elastic. Axillary area without sewing for optimal movement and comfort. Trousers without bib for optimal comfort and expansion of the torax. The assembly of the pannels has been made through pasting and non-passing sewing.   Sizes and colors: Man: Blue. Sizes from 1 to 5 Woman: Black. Sizes from 1 to 4
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Manufacturer: Cressi

Cressi Free Apnea Woman 3.5 Mm Grey L:
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