Epsealon Naiad Apnea 0.5 Mm Grey L

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Epsealon Naiad Apnea 0.5 Mm Grey L
Yamamoto® 039 2pcs wetsuit 0.5mm thickness. Titanium ultra stretch outer / black lycra ultra stretch inner. Ergonomic cut and preformed at the legs and arms. SCS sleeves * hoods, cuffs and ankles for a better seal. Adjustable beaver tail with Velcro®. This suit gives extreme comfort to the freediver, an incredible ease of movement, a free rib cage for optimum pike air intake, and ultra-low buoyancy to balance the trim in mid-water with a minimum of leads.
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Manufacturer: Epsealon

Epsealon Naiad Apnea 0.5 Mm Grey L:
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