Finis Evo Monofin Black EU 37 1/2-39

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Finis Evo Monofin Black Eu 37 1/2-39
The Evo is the first and only short-blade monofin designed to teach swimmers an efficient dolphin kick, build muscle memory, and create perfect body position in the water. We achieved our goal of designing a monofin that supports a natural dolphin kick by enabling ankle movement. This allows swimmers to be able to wear a monofin for longer periods of time without slowing kick tempo and stroke rate. With a short blade and independent foot pockets, swimmers can easily adapt to the fin and enhance the performance benefits. This creates a smoother transitional period when learning new muscle memory skills or breaking old habits. Features:- PATENT-PENDING DESIGN: The foot pockets flexible connector enables swimmers to keep a natural kick – allowing the feet to angle in on the down-kick and out on the up-kick- EMPHASIZES THE UP-KICK: Creates extra resistance on the up-kick to build muscle and generate a powerful kick cycle- SHORT BLADE INCREASES TEMPO: Allows swimmers to keep a quick tempo during underwater dolphin kick and increases stroke rate during full-stroke butterfly- BLADE ANGLE: Designed to feel like a natural extension of the feet- BUILD BUTTERFLY ENDURANCE: Designed to be worn for longer periods of time to build endurance, enhance core strength and develop muscle memory- OPEN HEEL AND TOE DESIGN: Increases range of motion and provides the most comfortable fit- INDUSTRY-LEADING COMFORT: Ergonomic contours maintain constant connection with the top of the foot to prevent skin irritation and tension- ALL SKILL LEVELS: Teaching tool for swimmers of all levels to support and improve their dolphin kick- MUSCLE MEMORY: The combination of a short blade and separate, angled foot pockets creates a smoother transition when developing muscle memory or breaking old habits- NATURAL RUBBER: Provides a soft, flexible fit
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Manufacturer: Finis

Finis Evo Monofin Black EU 37 1/2-39:
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