Mares Aquazone Set Tana Black

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Mares Aquazone Set Tana Black
Tana mask and Dual snorkel. WIDE FIELD OF VISION: The Mares Research and Development and Design departments have conducted numerous computer simulations and complex studies on the various shapes of the face. The results are masks that combine incredible comfort with a broad field of vision. BUCKLES ON THE SKIRT: Fastening the buckles on the skirt makes the mask more hydrodynamic, because the strap adheres more closely to the head. In addition, the tension exerted by the strap acts on the skirt rather than directly on the frame, reducing the pressure of the frame on the face. ERGONOMIC FORM: In the design phase, Mares engineers pay close attention to the proper shaping of all forms, developing them to best conform to the human body.
Fins, Masks And Snorkels - Snorkel Set
Manufacturer: Mares Aquazone

Mares Aquazone Set Tana Black:
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