Mares Pioneer 5 Mm Black XL

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Mares Pioneer 5 Mm Black Xl
Features: - Non-rubber custom closure- The hood venting system assists the release of air, optimizing equalization and comfort- New neck closure with anti-abrasion velcro prevents wetsuit damage- Instrument grips on both wrists- Hood keeper D-ring on the right legTechnical Specifications: - Thickness: 5 mm- Water temperature: Cold water- hood: Yes Technology: - For Temperate Water: Neoprene thickness 5mm.- Instruments Grip: Gripping material on both wrists optimizes instrument positioning.- Hood Included: Whenever you see this icon it means that the hood is sold together with the wetsuit.- Hood Keeper: Integrated retaining ring to hold divers hood.
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Manufacturer: Mares

Mares Pioneer 5 Mm Black XL:
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