Mares Pure Pasion Apnea Steamer Horizon 0.5 Mm Black L

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Mares Pure Pasion Apnea Steamer Horizon 0.5 Mm Black L
The Horizon 0.5 unisex freediving suit features a new white graphic and is made of 0.5 mm Ultrastretch neoprene with a polyurethane coating. The material offers great elasticity and is hydrodynamic to facilitate breathing and movement in the water. The new Mares Pure Passion logo is clearly visible on the chest, right thigh and back panel, underlining the pure passion of the Mares freediving equipment line.The Horizon 0.5 freediving wetsuit is a one-piece wetsuit which is lined inside and smooth outside. This 0.5mm wetsuit has a polyurethane outer layer that makes it highly durable and hydrodynamic. Polyurethane is very hydrodynamic and therefore facilitates faster swimming, which is useful in dynamic freediving competitions or at depth in warm waters as well as for swimming in the sea. The unisex, preformed cut ensures comfort and is a great fit for both men and women. The Horizon 0.5 is an excellent freediving suit for competitions in the pool or for light thermal protection and/or protection during diving and swimming in the sea. The new line has a white logo and graphics that make this wetsuit eye-catching and exclusive.Features:- Unisex- Made of 0.5 mm Ultrastretch polyurethane coated neoprene- Inner lining facilitates donning and provides excellent elasticity- Very hydrodynamic material for fast swimming and freediving competitions- Preformed cut ensures excellent comfort and fitSpecifications:- Thickness: 0.5mm- External Material: Polyurethane
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Manufacturer: Mares Pure Pasion

Mares Pure Pasion Apnea Steamer Horizon 0.5 Mm Black L:
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