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Nordic Blue Gloves Blue Xs
Nordic Blue Drygloves are simple, easy to fit and can be used with any drysuit that is fitted with latex wrist seals. The Nordic Blue Drygloves is flexible rubber gloves that is fabric lined to provide and anatomical shape, this is important to ensure the best possible hand movement to keep dexterity. This water and chemical proof glove is glued to a traditional latex wrist seal, the dry glove wrist seal lays over the top of the wrist seal of the suit to provide a watertight connection. The underglove can be worn under the suits latex seal to provide a means of equalising the glove preventing squeeze. Nordic Blue Dry Gloves come with a pair of acrylic undergloves for summer use and optional Quallofil liners are available for diving in colder waters.
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Manufacturer: Nordic Blue

Nordic Blue Gloves Blue XS:
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