Picasso Supratex 7 Mm Socks Black EU 37-38

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Picasso Supratex 7 Mm Socks Black Eu 37-38
Picasso´s 7mm Supratex Socks are designed to offer superior warmth for seriously chilly water in combination with durability. The socks have an exterior of black nylon with a Supratex sole. This supratex material runs up over the front and top of the toes, and up a significant part of the heel where the neoprene is most susceptible to wear, whilst also protecting the user whilst out of the water or when using open heel fins.These materials are highly resistant to wear and are an anti-cut fabric which prevents tearing.
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Manufacturer: Picasso

Picasso Supratex 7 Mm Socks Black EU 37-38:
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