Salvimar Fluyd Be One Apnea 1.5 Mm Blue XS

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Salvimar Fluyd Be One Apnea 1.5 Mm Blue Xs
Two pieces competition wetsuit, one thickness 1,5 mm. The great performance in deep apnea is the result of the accurate study of materials and the cooperation with high level athletes.Features:- Outside surface in over elastic HP Super Coated, highly flowing and non scratch material.- Full Duraprene, high-density neoprene for high thermal insulation, strenght and compactness. - Specifically designed to adapt to the body changes resulting from the water pressure variations.- Inside stretch lining JY Aqua Stretch highly elastic and comfortable.- SSRS System gradual compression end parts for best comfort and seal.- HT Weld System joints for thermic maximisation and no water seepage.- Tested in depth records.- ´PU Lines inside the jacket, for a better grip of the different materials, inside wrists and ankles for best seal- Performing cut to follow the body changes resulting from the water pressure variationsTechnology:- Full duraprene:Compact high density neoprene, excellent elastic memory, surface treatment Dolphin speed or HP Super Coated dependingon the wetsuit version.- Hp super coated:Black coated treatment on all the smooth outside surfaces requiring over elastic performances, high flowing and nonscratchfeatures.- Jy aqua stretch:Over elastic inside lining, highly comfortable and easy to wear. Minimum water absorption and great touch feeling.- Ssrs system:Toroidal rings on all the end parts for perfect watertight and high elasticty.- Ht weld system:Inside Seam less tape for a perfect cohesion of the different elements and perfect watertight.
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Manufacturer: Salvimar

Salvimar Fluyd Be One Apnea 1.5 Mm Blue XS:
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