Scubajet Li-ion 400w Battery Black

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Scubajet Li-ion 400w Battery Black
Maximize the fun with the 400 wh internal battery pack and stay on the water up to 4 hours.Take your SCUBAJET PRO on the ultimate power trip with this reliable and long-lasting battery.This battery is a must-have for divers and water sports fans who spend a lot of time on the water and away from the power socket.We provide two different 400 wh battery types.The airplane legal batteries are perfect for travelling the world with the SCUBAJET due to the 100 wh modules and can be taken in the hand luggage on airplanes too, while the 400 wh non-airplane legal batteries consist of one module and are not allowed to bring on an aircraft.
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Manufacturer: Scubajet

Scubajet Li-ion 400w Battery Black:
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