Seacsub Bis Extreme Set Blue

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Seacsub Bis Extreme Set Blue
Seac Extreme Premium Adults Scuba Diving Swimming Snorkeling 100% Pure Silicone Mask Snorkel Set.Just in time for snorkeling season, an exclusive, complete, color-coordinated, high-end snorkeling set from Seac.Youd expect to pay as much for any one of these great snorkel items as you are for the whole package!Features:Top anti-splash feature Flash Snorkel.For snorkeling, the most desirable snorkel is this Flash Snorkel.Mask with Polycarbonate frame and high quality tempered glass.Shock Resistant.100% Premium Silicone Mask.The panoramic view you are looking for in a snorkel mask.Exclusive Italian design By Seac Sub Italy.Amazing low package price and good for traveling.
Fins, Masks And Snorkels - Snorkel Set
Manufacturer: Seacsub

Seacsub Bis Extreme Set Blue:
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