Seacsub Feel Woman 3 Mm Black 2XL

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Seacsub Feel Woman 3 Mm Black 2xl
The Seac Feel is made entirely from a 3mm UltraStretch neoprene to provide maximum comfort in any conditions and especially during any sporting activity in the water.This neoprene meets the European REACH legislation.The incredible softness and elasticity of the Seac Feel diving suit, combined with the practical vertical back closure with a YKK zipper, facilitates dressing and undressing even on the hottest days, without creating fatigue.Furthermore, the UltraStretch neoprene does not hinder or stop any movement.The Seac Feel can be used as a scuba diving wetsuit for men and women and as a freediving wetsuit in temperate openwater (+ 20 °).Moreover, the Seac Feel offers protection, comfort and lightweight for those who practice swimming in the sea or snorkeling even in the cooler seasons.The Seac Feel diving suit is available for both men and women, with 2 different cuts that naturally follow the shape of the body.The printed graphics are essential and positioned so as not to interfere with the movement, thus making the suit very sober and beautiful to wear.Seac Feel is available in 6 sizes for men and 6 sizes for women.The extreme elasticity of this wetsuit offers a perfect fit and comfort for everyone.
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Manufacturer: Seacsub

Seacsub Feel Woman 3 Mm Black 2XL:
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