Seacsub Standard Hd Booties Black EU 37-38

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Seacsub Standard Hd Booties Black Eu 37-38
Grippy Sole provides excellent traction on wet surfaces.Lightweight and compressible for easy packing.Perfect for water sports and enjoying in swimming pool or walking over sand.Non-Slip on Wet Surfaces such as Boat Decks and Slipper Ladders.Stretchable Premium Neoprene for great fit.The Seac Socks ultra-comfy 2.5mm neoprene socks are the perfect companion for snorkelers/divers or to walk on the sandy beach.Made with high quality material stretchable neoprene for those who like to wear foot pocket fins or as water-shoe liners.Designed for excellent protection from cold and/or blistered.Sole in Supratex pattern, and all seams are glued for durability and comfort.Ideal 2.5mm socks for diving, snorkeling, standup paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and other water sports where feet need to stay warm.
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Manufacturer: Seacsub

Seacsub Standard Hd Booties Black EU 37-38:
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