Spetton Rockman 5 Mm Black L

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Spetton Rockman 5 Mm Black L
To give a practical, convenient solution for maximum ergonomics and mobility, we have developed one of our patterns, to cover sports Adventure enthusiasts and professional users of such suit. We use our more elastic and comfortable with double nylon lining and neoprene widest possible protection. We use our pre-shaped for maximum comfort and incorporate the rump and back made PowerTex pattern, which ensures maximum protection and optimal flexibility. The adjustments for tips, are made of nylon Ultra-flexible, making it easy to placing while guarantees a perfect fit. Our snap closure relax click ensures easy and fast positioning with PowerTex reinforcement area. Both the interior and exterior, is Ultra-elastic nylon.Specifications:- Interior: NYLON Biforrado - Neoprene: Ultra-Flex - Exterior: NYLON Biforrado - knee Pads: POWER TEX - Pattern: Performed- Elbow pads: POWER TEX - Hip pad: POWER TEX
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Manufacturer: Spetton

Spetton Rockman 5 Mm Black L:
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