Yamaha Seascooter Pooljet Blue

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Yamaha Seascooter Pooljet Blue
The Yamaha POOLJET is designed for family water fun. Cruise around the pool or lake at speeds up to 1.2mph (2.0km/h). The POOLJET is loaded with safety features including a protective grille and auto shut-off dual trigger control.Features:- Runs up to 30 minutes with normal use (continuous use up to 20 minutes).- Speed up to 1.2 mph / 2.0 km/h.- Fully waterproof construction.- Extremely compact design, safety features including safety grille, auto shut-off,and dual trigger operation.- Positive buoyancy.- Product size: 10.63 x 10.31 x 7.65 / 270 x 262 x 202 (mm).- Weight only 3.52 lbs / 1.6 kg.
Underwater Vehicles - Scooters (DPV)
Manufacturer: Yamaha Seascooter

Yamaha Seascooter Pooljet Blue:
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